Your privacy is important

TL;DR - I don't use Google Analytics or any tracking tool on this website. I don't know anything about who has visited my website unless someone leaves me a message via my contact form.

Privacy policy

I do not collect any personal information when you visit this site.

If you use the contact form on this site the information you submit is used only to provide information and services that you have requested. I do not pass on your details to anyone else unless required to do so by law.

When a user enters details into the contact form such as their name and email address I keep these details confidential and I never pass these on to any third parties. This website has an SSL certificate meaning any data entered using the contact form is transmitted securely.

Cookie policy

Most browsers give you the choice of:-

  • Accepting all cookies.
  • Blocking all cookies.
  • Allowing or blocking cookies from specific web sites.
  • Allowing or blocking cookies from third party sites.

Third party sites are sites that are not directly controlled by the site that you are on. These are often advertising cookies, but can also include social media links. This site does not use any third party cookies.

If you want to check and/or disable cookies on this site you can do so using your browser. For example, here's how to disable cookies in Google Chrome.